SWG3 is keen to promote equality of opportunity for people with disabilities and where possible have taken the necessary steps to meet customer requirements. Our staff will be happy to help you out to ensure that everyone has the best experience of the venue.

Booking Accessible tickets

An accessible viewing platform is available in our Galvanizers, Galvanizers Yard & TV Studio spaces. Wheelchair spaces and unreserved seats can be purchased via TicketWeb for most Concerts in those spaces. If you are attending an event with a friend, please ensure you both purchase accessible tickets.

The Warehouse and poetry club do not have accessible platforms. Please purchase a standard ticket.

Personal assistants’ tickets at no extra cost

Customers not registered with SWG3

If you require a free companion ticket please purchase your own ticket, download this Swg3 Access Form and return it with a copy of the evidence noted on the form to [email protected] Alternative you can request a copy to be e-mailed or posted to you. Companion tickets are set up for box office collection and are assigned to the customer and not the companion. We do not have Hearing Loops in our box offices.

Customers providing the following forms of evidence are automatically eligible for a free companion:

  • In receipt of DLA, PIP, Attendance allowance
  • Registered severely sight impaired
  • Assistance dog ID Card

We will review requests for free companions on a case-by-case basis if you cannot meet the criteria above.

Customers registered with SWG3

Customers who have an accessible booking reference from SWG3 can book all their tickets online including companion tickets. Instruction on how to access the companion ticket online will be sent to you at the time of registering, but please call if you require assistance.

Getting Here

The venue has metered street parking available.

Vehicles can drop off and pick-up close to the venue entrance.

Blue Badge parking is available in our yard during most events.

Space is limited and is allotted on a first come, first served basis. Please arrange your parking by calling our office on 0141 337 1731

For further details please visit the Travel FAQs 


Accessing the venue

Guide Dogs 
As an accessible venue we can accommodate guide dogs for the visually impaired. Please contact us in advance to enable us to accommodate your request.

TV Studio 
Our TV Studio is on the ground floor, which has an accessible toilet located nearby. The TV Studio also has its own bar.

Poetry Club 
The Poetry club is on the ground floor with an accessible toilet and bar located in the venue.

Galvanizers Hall 
This room can be accessed via a small set of stairs, platform lift or via a ramp. Accessible toilets are available in all ground floor level bar spaces servicing this space.

Our Warehouse is located on the second floor of the venue. A lift is available from the Ground floor to the warehouse. A member of staff will operate this for you. There is also an accessible toilet on this floor.

Full-Complex Events 
Some of our events take place in multiple spaces. We will generally state that the locations of these events are in the ‘Full Complex’ on our website.

There are a few stairs between our Galvanizers Hall and TV Studio, a lift is available for use here if required.

The Acid Bar is accessible through the Galvanizers Hall via a ramp.

There is a lift available for access to the Warehouse space which is located on the second floor. A member of staff will operate this for you.

Accessible toilets are available on each level. 

Acid Bar 
Our Acid Bar is located on the ground floor of the venue with an accessible toilet.

Yard Events 
Some of the ground in the yard is uneven. Accessible facilities for yard events are dependent on the scale of the event.