Eastvale Place

Doughnuts are filled. Bread is kneaded. Flowers are snipped. Wood is measured and sawed. Prints are hung. T-shirts are printed. Art and eyes are given new frames. 

Along Eastvale Place, the railway arches buzz with the industry of some of Glasgow’s favourite independent companies; a place to work before sending cakes, fashion, flowers and more out across the city.

Head Girl

Created by SWG3 and Scottish artist Douglas Gordon, Head Girl is an artist-led printmaking project focusing on the production of limited edition, hand-printed t-shirts and posters. Each and every Head Girl design is limited to 365 pieces — based on the principle of having “one for every day of the year” — and hand-printed on site. 


Niche Optical Tailor

Niche Optical Tailor sources eyewear collections from all over the world to give their clients the best choice possible. Offering a range of pieces from leading designers including Jacques Marie Mage, Rigards, Ahlehm, Res Rei, Dita and more, they also design frames in-house under the Niche Bazaar Studio label.


Ruby Flowers

Bringing a little joy to your home, business or event — Ruby Flowers provides wild and loose seasonal hand ties, filled with scented herbs and flowering foliage. She also specialises in distinctive wedding and event styling. 


Kelvin Framers

A bespoke picture framing service, offering frames made to order for artists, galleries, studios and personal customers. Specialising in large frames, they're known to accommodate unusual requests: they've framed everything from photography and paintings to horseshoes, tapestries, quilts and even a five-metre long python skin.