SWG3 unveils new exhibition of skateboard culture

Running from 2 - 24 December in the Yard Life Gallery, Deck The Halls will feature 34 new works recognising skateboards as unique and limitless sites for design.

We're thrilled to announce a new exhibition, Deck The Halls, in which 34 artists unleash their creativity on skateboard decks, in a festive celebration of art and skating.

Opening from 2 - 24 December in our newest gallery space, the Yard Life urban arts gallery, the exhibition consists of 34 exclusive works that recognise skateboards as unique and limitless sites for design.

Our Yard Life gallery opened in the summer, and proudly occupies one of the SWG3 archways on Eastvale Place. Renowned for some of Glasgow’s most striking street art, resident Yard Life artist James Klinge has co-curated the show with Marianne Vosloo as part of our celebrated arts programme. Inspired by the sport itself and the endless capabilities and creative opportunities it provides – from building communities to shaping fashion – Deck The Halls is a space where art and skateboard culture collide.

An original work from London-based Fanakapan, who is renowned for his eye-tricking hyper-realistic style of street art, will feature in the exhibition alongside decks by celebrated street artist and designer Phill Blake (Philth); the botanical-inspired stylings of Sophie Mess; international “surrealist graffiti artist for the soul”, Mr Cenz; and an original pioneer of UK street art, Bristol’s notorious Inkie, to name a few. 

The exhibition will also feature some of the most exciting names from Glasgow’s flourishing local scene: the artist behind some of the most vibrant murals in the city, Molly Hankinson; Paisley-based graffiti artist King Listy; illustrator Ursula Kam Ling Cheng; and Edinburgh-based graphic designer and graffiti artist ElphOne

“I’m sure there are many who remember the excitement of finding their first skateboard under the Christmas tree. There’s the rush to rip off the wrapping paper and get out and skate, but there’s also a moment of pause to stop, admire and appreciate the artwork on the face of the skateboard."

James Klinge 

Since skateboarding as we know it was conceived in the 70s, the artwork featured on the decks has acted as a link between the multifaceted DIY subculture of skating and art. In this exhibition we wanted to recognise the skateboard as an important and relevant site for art by removing the decks from their traditional context and showcasing them in a gallery situation.”

The exhibition will be open Wednesdays to Fridays from 12 noon to 6pm, welcoming people to discover, own and collect the pieces exhibited. The pieces will also be available for purchase online from the official Yard Life shop - offering lots of perfect gift ideas for Christmas…