A Roomful of Lovers (Glasgow) is the Galvanizer’s first commissioned work of art and it forms part of SWG3’s programme of commissions and exhibitions for this year’s Glasgow International. Created by the celebrated British artist Richard Wentworth, working in collaboration with writer Victoria Miguel, it accompanies exhibitions by Judy Blame (jewellery and collage), Dmitri Galitzine (HD Video installation) and Hugo Scott (Photography). This remarkably diverse programme is united by the artists’ common use of found materials and subjects, echoing SWG3’s origins and its fifteen year transformation from a collection of disused buildings into a world-class arts venue.

For this commissioned collaboration between an artist and a writer, Wentworth appropriately (and brilliantly) works with chains of steel and Miguel, equally appropriately (and brilliantly), chains of words. The vast open space of the Galvanizers is traversed by over 600 metres of galvanized steel chains, which sag and stretch between its Victorian red brick walls, suspended from clamps anchored to its iron girders. The title of Miguel’s commissioned book A Volume of Fanatics (Glasgow) is derived from A Roomful of Lovers (Glasgow). It combines Wentworth’s Glossary (first published in Making Do and Getting By (2015) and Miguel’s 2012 dictionary from, My Favourite Words, Phrases, Sentences, and Paragraphs (2012) with a recent list of their words compiled and transformed into a thesaurus, celebrating their love of language and inviting readers to share in their enthusiasm. The book is dedicated to Professors Michael Samuels and Christian Kay, the first two editors of The Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary, which was created at the University of Glasgow, between 1965 and 2009. 

Richard Wentworth and Victoria Miguel - A Roomful of Lovers 

April 20th - May 7th

SWG3 - Galvanizers 

Mon – Sat: 10am-6pm / Sun: 12 noon-6pm

Free Entry

Commissioned by SWG3 as part of Glasgow International 2018

Victoria Miguel and Richard Wentworth - A Volume of Fanatics - £15. Available to purchase at gallery reception.


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