SWG3 ARTS Programme

SWG3’s arts programme is a dynamic calendar of events that runs year-round, providing a stable platform from which artists and creatives can thrive. From site-specific theatre and art fairs to international exhibitions and craft markets, the programme is specifically designed to celebrate Scotland’s creative industries and galvanise the local community to engage with arts and culture. 

SWG3 always plays a pivotal role in the bi-annual Glasgow International festival of contemporary visual art.

SWG3 at Gi2020

SWG3 plays a pivotal role in bi-annual contemporary art festival Glasgow International, and Gi2020 is no different. This year we'll host a large-scale performance installation in the Galvanizers, as well as supporting an off-site sculpture in Govan - and, crucially, bookending the festival with the official opening and closing parties.

Opening Party
Performances by Nina Beier, Lina Lapelytė and Paul Maheke, and a curated performance programme by Civic Room. 

Georgina Starr: Moment Memory Monument

A large-scale sculptural performance installation in SWG3's Galvanizers by the London-based artist. Part of the Gi2020 Director's Programme. 

A new sculptural installation by Jacqueline Donachie exploring Glasgow's architectural heritage, and how we can continue to access it. 

SUN 10 MAY  
Closing Party
More information to follow soon on how we'll close the festival...

Pictured: Georgina Starr's Moment Memory Monument

​Ill Met By Moonlight - An Exhibition By Dan Miller

SWG3 is pleased to present a new series of paintings by Glasgow based artist Dan Miller. The works in Ill Met By Moonlight are characterised by their juxtaposition of collaged motifs and formal arrangements. Three-dimensional space is rendered and accentuated through the application of mixed media and silkscreened acrylic separations. 

Miller’s practice moves fluidly through a wide range of media to create works that investigate the territories of ratio, repetition and scale. Historiographical research and rigorous process support an investigation into the underlying properties of visual and physical material. The resulting works are manipulated through strict method and empirical process, occupying the liminal space between digital and analogue platforms. 

Ill Met By Moonlight takes the painting Totes Meer (1940-41) by Paul Nash as a conceptual point of departure. The wrecked aircraft depicted in Nash’s original painting inform the figurative and geometric motifs that hover in Miller’s new work. An undulating sea of mothballed technology is abstracted through multiple colour separations and layers, suggesting the possibility of infinite tessellation beyond the picture plane. 

Dan Miller 2019

Monday to Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturdays: 12pm - 6pm 

LCD Soundsystem Exhibition

'LCD Soundsystem', an exclusive exhibition in SWG3's Acid Bar on the iconic NYC band! 
3rd October - 2nd November, Acid Bar

The must-see exhibition comprised of 23 one-off images of LCD Soundsystem by photographer Ruvan Wijesooriya. The photographs were accompanied by a series of paintings by Scottish artist, Joe Henry, re-creating LCD Pop Artworks in his own artistic language. 

Head Girl

Head Girl - An Exhibition by Gary Rough
29th June & 30th August 2019, Acid Bar

Gary Rough is the artist behind the brand identity of Head Girl.

Head Girl is an artist-led printmaking project, focusing on the production of limited edition, hand printed t-shirts & posters.

Art Car Boot Sale

Art Car Boot Sale
29th & 20th June 2019, Galvanizers

Art Car Boot Sale is an invitation to meet and  buy art from Glasgow's vibrant and dynamic contemporary art community. An opportunity to be part of one of the most exciting art scenes in the world by supporting the artists behind it. Meet and talk directly to artists, while discovering previously unseen work straight from the studio. Art Car Boot Sale offers a curated experience with an eclectic mix of affordable unique works and limited editions. Artists are invited by curator Patricia Fleming to sell directly from the boot of Glasgow's finest art transport; camper vans, transits, cars and bikes. 

Patricia Fleming Projects

Charlie Anderson

Charlie Anderson, Selected Works
10th May - 23rd June

Charlie Anderson is a painter and designer based in Glasgow. His work has been exhibited internationally including at the V&A Museum in London. He has worked with Ringo Starr, Coach NY, Urban Outfitters, Amir Khan and Gordon Ramsay amongst others, and he has been shortlisted for the Jerwood contemporary painting prize (2010) and awarded the Meyer Oppenheim prize by the Royal Scottish Academy (2010).

Selected works by Charlie Anderson continues the artist's exploration of post internet culture and the filtration of appropriated imagery. From fake news to memes, images and information are shared and transformed; becoming GIFs, Tumblr posts, Instagram posts and Facebook posts. By appropriating and transforming selected images and text, the paintings become a vestige of the source material, embedded in paint as a snapshot of fleeting life.

Stephanie Mann

Stephanie Mann, Field Notes, Selected Artists' Works
04 April - 04 May 2019

Selected Artists' Works & SWG3 Presented Edinburgh-based artist Stephanie Mann's first solo show in Glasgow. Mann presented a series of screen prints informed by 'Field Notes', a new text also written by Mann.

'Field Notes' explores an imaginary environment, in which objects and architecture act as condensation points for concepts on which Mann's research is focused. For more information about Stephanie Mann or the Selected Artists' Works platform please visit www.stephaniemann.co.uk and www.selectedartistsworks.com 

Dear Europe

Dear Europe, National Theatre of Scotland 29th March 2019, Galvanizers Dear Europe was an event curated by Jackie Wylie and Stewart Laing which brought a range of diverse performances, food, films and music which played out of our Scotland's relationship with the European Union.

Challenged to explore their relationship with Europe, some of Scotland’s most adventurous artists and theatre makers presented powerful, playful and provocative responses, signalling the end of an era. Hosted by Gary McNair 

Continental Drift Scottish Ensemble

Continental Drift Scottish Ensemble  13th March 2019 WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU BLEND THE MUSIC OF THE OLD EUROPEAN MASTERS WITH THE BREATHLESS VIRTUOSITY OF CONTEMPORARY PERSIA AND THE MEDITERRANEAN? Keyvan ChemiraniBijan Chemirani and Sokratis Sinopoulos are exceptional musicians: intuitive, agile, inventive. Together they explore the connections between the music of Baroque Europe and the Eastern musical traditions of the same era; the results are astonishing, shedding new light on history, music and our perceptions of both.

For Continental Drift, they’ll join five Scottish Ensemble musicians for a performance bonding east and west, learning and improvisation, intuition and precision, freedom and control. 

Patrick Jameson

Patrick Jameson, New Glasgow
15th November - 26th January 2018

New Glasgow is an exhibition by Patrick Jameson that comprises of a presentation of recent works in the Acid Bar at SWG3 and the unveiling of a public art work, which shares the same title. The illuminated external work has been installed on the south facing façade of SWG3. It has been designed to be visible to both visitors to the building and by train passengers as they enter and leave the city on the adjacent railway line. It is the artist's intention to provoke a cinematic vision of the still raw, half regenerated industrial landscape in which the work is located. This playful interaction transforms the carriage window into a makeshift cinema screen as the train itself acts as a dolly for an invisible camera panning across the city. The restricted pallet utilised by Jameson for this work is taken from the colours produced by chemical film processing and is reminiscent of classic dystopian cinematic tropes. With this work Jameson continues to explore the relationship between the built environment and lens-based media, which is a recurring theme in his practice.

In the Acid Bar, Jameson expands on this theme by presenting several series of grouped sculptures based on architectural forms from a diverse range of time periods and movements. A key reference in the work is the architectural taxonomies made by Bernd and Hilla Becker through their contribution to the German photographic movement die neue objektivität or The New Objectivity.

Grace Woodcock

Grace Woodcock, Flicks and Licks, Selected Artist's Works
20th September - 15th November 2018

Selected Artists' Works & SWG3 Presented London-based artist Grace Woodcock's first solo show. This show brings together a new body of work to sit beside a series first exhibited in ‘They Had Four Years’ at Generator Projects in Dundee in 2017. Both sets of work are bridged by a common focus on tactility.

For more information about Mads Holm or the Selected Artists' Works platform please visit www.gracewoodcock.com and www.selectedartistworks.com

Mads Holm

Mads Holm, About Common Ground, Selected Artists' Works
28th June - 23rd August 2018

Selected Artists' Works & SWG3 Presented Copenhagan-based artist Mads Holm for his first solo show in Glasgow. Holm Presented works from this expanding series 'About Common Ground'.

'About Common Ground' is an experiment in continuous photographic studies of states and movements in contemporary society. Particularly attentive to urban spaces as a centre for capital and political struggle, Holm tries to encompass what seems ungraspable about a world connected by advanced capitalism, while divided by national borders.

For more information about Mads Holm or the Selected Artists' Works platform please visit www.madsholm.com and www.selectedartistworks.com

Art Car Boot Sale

Art Car Boot Sale
7th & 8th July 2018
Art Car Boot Sale, part of the HYPERMARKET series, returns on July 7th & 8th 2018.

Featuring limited editions, prints, artist books and unique works (drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography) by 100 contemporary artists including:

Beagles and Ramsay, Claire Barclay, Christine Borland, Rachel Duckhouse, Helen de Main, David Eustace, Michael Fullerton, Alistair Gow, Ilana Halperin, Mads Holm, Jim Lambie, Tessa Lynch, France-Lise McGurn, Toby Paterson, Ciara Phillips, Baldvin Ringsted, Kate V Robertson, Bronwen Sleigh, Abigail Simmonds, Ross Sinclair, Gregor Wright + many more.

Dancefloor Meditations

Dancefloor Meditations - Jarvis Cocker & Steve Mackay 20th April 2018 SWG3 Contemporary Art Exhibitions Jarvis Cocker & Steve Mackey would like to ask you a few questions: Are you up for it? Are you afraid of the dark? Would you like to achieve mental tranquillity? Would you like to achieve mental stability? Would you like to just to go mental? Is there such a thing as the Perfect Beat? Can one dance to a mantra? How low can you go? How deep is your love? Can you feel it?

Dancefloor Meditations is an attempt to answer these questions. It is an attempt to access the state of mind associated with deep meditation using only the tools to be found in a suburban discotheque.

Hugo Scott

Hugo Scott, On The Edge Of Town
20th April - 7th May 2018

The first UK exhibition by Hugo Scott, the New York-based photographer and filmmaker; ‘On the edge of town’ features new and recent photographs documenting contemporary life in the USA. Scott’s work spans social documentary, fashion and portraiture and is characterised by its spontaneity and empathy with the subject. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Love Magazine, Dazed and Confused and Print Publication. He is part of the photography collective DoBeDo.

For more information about Hugo Scott visit www.dobedo.co.uk/contributor/hugoscott

Richard Wentworth & Victoria Miguel

Richard Wentworth & Victoria Miguel, A Roomful of Lovers
20th April - 7th May 2018, Galvanizers

A Roomful of Lovers (Glasgow) is the Galvanizer’s first commissioned work of art and it forms part of SWG3’s programme of commissions and exhibitions for this year’s Glasgow International. Created by the celebrated British artist Richard Wentworth, working in collaboration with writer Victoria Miguel, it accompanies exhibitions by Judy Blame (jewellery and collage), Dmitri Galitzine (HD Video installation) and Hugo Scott (Photography). This remarkably diverse programme is united by the artists’ common use of found materials and subjects, echoing SWG3’s origins and its fifteen year transformation from a collection of disused buildings into a world-class arts venue.