• Admission, refusals & ejections

In accordance with the licensing law the venue has the right to refuse admission without providing a reason. If you have consumed alcohol prior to arrival and appear to be in an intoxicated state or behave inappropriately in the queue or in view of the venue staff you may be refused entyr without a refund. 

In accordance with Glasgow City Council's ban on consuming alcohol in the street any customers found to be consuming alcohol in the queue will be refused entry.

SWG3 operates a ‘No Search, No Entry Policy’. We retain the right to ask any person attending one of our events to take part in a search. Those who refuse will not be permitted to enter the premises.

For your safety, SWG3 operates a ‘Zero Tolerance Policy’ on drugs and other banned substances. Those caught in possession of any such items will not be permitted entry to the venue and the Police may be called. 

Any under 18's suspected of consuming alcohol before attempting to enter the venue will be refused admission. 

Crowd surfing, smoking within the venue, the throwing of drinks and any other behaviour deemed as inappropriate whilst inside the venue will result in ejection from the premises without refund.