SWG3 take part in innovative Grounds For Recycling campaign

SWG3 are delighted to be taking part in the innovative Grounds For Recycling campaign, which is running throughout Glasgow this summer from 25 July till 13 August, in tandem with the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships.

The campaign, which kicks off today, will see all the coffee grounds that are generated in our on-site cafe, the Acid Bar, saved from the bin. Instead, they'll be put to use in our garden to make compost, creating fresh new soil for us to grow and produce plants in our own back yard, making the area more pleasing on the eye and the planet. 

The GFR campaign has been developed by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, in an effort to encourage more businesses to work towards a circular economy. The main aim is to help hospitality businesses to change up their approach to food waste, and repurpose as much as possible. 

Grounds for Recycling is an ambitious and creative initiative. It is another impressive example of Glasgow nurturing bottom up collective action to support the transition to a circular economy. The campaign is not only about upcycling spent coffee grounds into productive uses, it is about bringing together the city’s businesses, their staff and their customers and showcasing how reimagining waste as a resource can create community and opportunity. Other cities should watch and learn. 

Sarah O'Carroll - Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Cities Lead. 

The idea of a sustainable, circular economy is one that all of us here at SWG3 are familiar with, having recently hosted the inaugural Circular Glasgow Supper Club, where a range of businesses gathered in the Acid Bar to discuss how they can work together towards sustainable business models, and achieve their net zero targets. For us, we have committed to reducing our emissions to net zero by 2025, and have already made significant progress on this through reducing our operational carbon emissions by 17%, carrying out waste audits, and of course, our pioneering BODYHEAT system. You can find out more about SWG3's net zero goals here