SWG3 introduce reusable STACK-CUPS

SWG3 have introduced reusable STACK-CUPS, to be used in bars across the venue, in order to help eliminate single use plastics.

The cups, which have been designed with our Net Zero commitments at the forefront of our mind, will be used in all bars across the venue during gigs – and they'll be rolled out to club nights in the future. 

How do they work?

The whole process is really easy, and smooth. Simply order a drink, pay a one off payment of £1 for your cup, enjoy your drink, and once you've finished your drink and fancy another, head back to the bar with your cup, for a fresh drink inside a new cup. It helps speed up the serving process, and is good for the environment – so everyone's a winner!

Where does my £1 go? 

Every £1 collected from the STACK-CUPS will go towards funding a variety of charity initiatives, and community projects, which we'll keep you posted on throughout the year. 


Where do I put my cup at the end of the night?

Once the night is over, you can place your cup in one of our labelled charity bins, and they'll be collected, washed, and reused again at future events. They certainly don't go in your kitchen cupboards – so no nicking the cups!

What else are you doing to become more sustainable?

The introduction of STACK-CUPS are an important part of our overall aim to become a more sustainable venue. For us here at SWG3, we have committed to reducing our emissions to net zero by 2025, and have already made significant progress on this through reducing our operational carbon emissions by 17%, carrying out waste audits, and of course, our pioneering BODYHEAT system. You can find out more about SWG3's net zero goals here