SWG3 Hotel online consultation

We are now welcoming online feedback about the ambitious new plans for the proposed SWG3 Hotel project on land at Sandyford Street / Kelvinhaugh Street / Eastvale place, Glasgow.

A Proposal of Application Notice was submitted to Glasgow City Council in May 2023 and this signalled our intent to submit an application for planning permission. This event is part of pre-application consultation before a planning application is submitted to Glasgow City Council in Autumn 2023.   

Our emerging proposals are illustrated on a series of consultation boards which can be accessed here. These set out the background to our proposals, identifying our vision for the site and how the emerging proposals have been developed.

We are inviting the local community and other stakeholders to review our emerging proposals before a planning application is submitted to Glasgow City Council. We would very much welcome your feedback and comments. To assist, we have prepared a short feedback form which seeks to gather the views of those participating in the consultation.  Your feedback will help to inform our eventual planning submission to Glasgow City Council.

A further public event will also take place on 3rd August 2023 where we will provide feedback regarding the views gathered during this pre-application consultation.  A report will also be prepared on this consultation exercise which will be submitted to Glasgow City Council in support of the planning application.

Please note that comments made to the prospective applicant are not representations to the planning authority and there will be an opportunity to make representations on any resultant planning application to the planning authority.

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