SWG3 announces innovative new partnership with Skypark

SWG3 is thrilled to announce PARK XR, an innovative event combining urban arts and extended reality technologies to transform Skypark 7 – the vacant site between Finnieston Street and Exhibition Centre train station, into a vibrant hub of artistic expression.

In May, Yardworks Festival celebrated its sixth edition with a kaleidoscope of colour and creativity. Now, the magic continues at Skypark 7. This exciting project, led by Yardworks – SWG3’s globally renowned street arts and graffiti programme – will seamlessly blend street art with contemporary art in a unique 43,000 sq ft playground.

The steel shipping containers from Yardworks Festival will now be relocated at the start of June to be used as part of the new project with Skypark. Opening on June 14, and running until June 30, the public will be able to experience a dynamic array of murals, light installations, and innovative digital art experiences, as some of the UK's most loved street and graffiti artists will be commissioned to enrich the area with even more cultural vibrancy.

Using augmented and virtual reality, digital artists will also add layers to the newly painted containers that can be activated using an iPhone or smartphone - bringing the newest technology to audiences who attend the event. Thanks to new and emerging tools and technologies, artists are now able to create the impossible, with the University of Glasgow facilitating digital artist residencies through access to their state of the art XR facilities supporting artists and communities to try out new equipment and technology in their creative process.

Each weekend will feature a programme of workshops and activities to learn more about street art, graffiti and digital art led by artists with Invisible Cities also leading informative tours of the artworks.

General admission is free with advance booking recommended here.