SWG3 announce Smalltown Boy exhibition

The exhibition is a heartfelt celebration of the iconic queer anthem Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat. 

Running from Friday 23 August until Friday 20 September 2024, Smalltown Boy is set against the backdrop of Thatcherism and a conservative government, and it chronicles the journey of a queer individual forced to leave their hometown due to prejudice and discrimination. Through a diverse range of artistic mediums, presented by artists such as Csian Canave, Barney Ashton Bullock, James Horan, Steve Rapport, and Charles Jeffrey, the exhibition presents a show of freedom and acceptance.

The exhibition not only pays tribute to the song's powerful message but also acknowledges the journey of its creator, Jimmy Somerville. 

We have been developing this show for 2 years. It's a celebration of an iconic queer song, which is known by many as the gay national anthem. I'm excited to work with some of my favourite artists and celebrate everything that this song stands for: finding love, community, and acceptance somewhere else. The exhibition and rave will resonate with all of the queer community. Feel free to come and enjoy the night with us.

Joe Henry, Curator and Artist, Smalltown Boy.

The exhibition launch is followed by a launch party in SWG3 Warehouse, and will feature DJs Jonbers Blonde (RuPaul’s Drag Race), Boy Shorts, Bonzai Bonner, Josh Caffe, and Bosco, where everyone can come together in a celebration of identity and unity.

Smalltown Boy opens in the SWG3 Zinc Bar on Friday 23 August (6pm). If you'd like to attend, please RSVP to [email protected]