SWG3 announce music therapy partnership with Nordoff and Robbins

We've today unveiled a partnership with music therapy charity Nordoff and Robbins, which will see them deliver sessions from Eastvale Place.

Already home to a range of small local businesses, Eastvale Place welcomes Nordoff and Robbins as its newest residents, thanks to a new partnership with SWG3.

Nordoff and Robbins is the UK’s largest music therapy charity, with more than 60 years of practice. They aim to break through the barriers caused by life-limiting illness, disability and social isolation through music therapy sessions and as part of the partnership we have struck up with them, these sessions will be delivered from one of the arches on Eastvale Place. The therapy sessions consist of groups making music collaboratively, which can help people with all kinds of conditions: from autism to dementia, learning difficulties to brain injuries, life-limiting illnesses to mental health issues, grief and trauma. Nordoff and Robbins music therapists use the power of music to create space for people to express themselves and find connection in society.

We take great pride in partnering with SWG3 to offer Nordoff and Robbins music therapy sessions at this thriving, vibrant and dynamic venue. It’s incredibly encouraging that our Glasgow Open Access service is starting up again after three years of being paused due to COVID, and we look forward to helping even more people in the area to express themselves and find connection in society through the power of music.

Sandra Schembri. CEO of Nordoff and Robbins.

The charity already has specialist centres in Croydon, Dunfermline, Glasgow, London, Manchester and Newcastle that provide one-to-one and group sessions for children and adults, and now they are the latest in a line of recent arrivals to Eastvale Place, joining speciality coffee roaster and cafe, Papercup, and Scottish travel and adventure accessories brand, Trakke, as well as some of Glasgow’s favourite independent companies and entrepreneurs, including Niche Optical Tailor, Cottonrake Bakery, Ruby Flowers and Frame Werk.

We are delighted to partner with Nordoff and Robbins to deliver music therapy sessions out of Eastvale Place that will have a hugely beneficial impact for many people in our community. This partnership underscores the latest phase in our innovative, long-term strategic plan to transform the entire SWG3 campus into an iconic new cultural destination for Scotland.

Andrew Fleming-Brown. Managing Director of SWG3.