Printmaker, artist and SWG3 studio resident Amanda Seibæk launches Hemispheres exhibition.

On Thursday 23 March, artist and SWG3 studio resident Amanda Seibæk will launch her Hemispheres exhibition in the Acid Bar.

Hemispheres explores the relationship between a whole and its component parts, by focusing on specific themes including the neural pathways, signals, and connections that operate within the human brain, and the relationship between the earth and its axis. Seibæk conveys these relationships and likenesses on to the canvas in works that manage to appear busy and chaotic, whilst still maintaining a beautiful air of sparsity and tranquility.

Speaking about the inspirations and motivations behind the exhibition, Seibæk says:I work with themes, which can be used as a force to ask questions, to stretch facts into fiction, and to visualize inner emotions. The themes are informed by everything from scientific explanations to a friend’s tale of their weekend, from colors I saw on a walk to an exhibition. In my practice, research is experience.”

About Amanda Seibæk

Amanda Seibæk is a Danish printmaker, artist, and studio resident here at SWG3. A graduate of Glasgow School of Art, Seibæk has been shortlisted for the prestigious John Byrne Award, and her work has been displayed in exhibitions at Kelvingrove, Vera School of Art and Design, Outlier Gallery, Krabbesholm, Tatha Gallery, amongst various others.  

The exhibition runs until Friday 28 April in the SWG3 Acid Bar (Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm).