Vues Oner: The escapism of drawing

Saturday 1 May 2021
11am - 12 noon
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Join us for this Yardworks Govan talk, in which Canadian-born tattoo, illustration and graffiti artist Vues Oner shares tips, tricks and insights into his ability to draw from memory, his influences and the artists who inspire him. 

In this talk, Vues will be sharing a collection of sketches and designs from three sketchbooks he has been working on daily during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns and restrictions. Vues will be discussing the technique of organic and automatic speed drawing, and the importance of drawing on a regular basis. He'll take viewers through themes and character designs, how to deal with mistakes, and share live drawing experiences such as the Secret Wars Euro League that was hosted in Glasgow in 2010. 

Vues Oner is an established self-taught artist specialising in the field of tattoo art, illustration and graffiti character design in Scotland. His love of drawing - and the escapism of drawing - comes from getting lost in comic books from a very young age. Early influences in his work come from the raw graphics of comics with a street edge, various graphic art, skateboards graphics, poster art and hip-hop album covers, which started to introduce a love of graffiti. His style, from black and white illustrations to inking, is shaped by early comic books processes and a lifelong obsession with cartoons. 

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