Tragic O'Hara: Paint the things you see in your head when you listen to music

Saturday 17 April 2021
2pm - 4pm

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Have you ever wondered what song lyrics could look like in a sketch or mixed media artwork? In this workshop, delivered by talented multi-media and street artist Tragic O’Hara, we'll be exploring music and art and why the two of them are so closely related. 

Tragic O' Hara loved music from the first time he heard Nirvana. Up until that point he had been subjected to Bon Jovi, Tina Turner and whatever else was in the cassette deck of his mum's car... In this session, we'll be taking a lyric that participants like or love and turning it into a piece of imaginative art. That might be through illustration, craft-making, mixed media - whatever suits best. It's more than just writing down words from songs - it's a visual representation of music.  

This 2-hour Yardworks Govan arts workshop is a unique chance to learn about art skills and techniques by designing or crating a sketch/mixed media work based on music lyrics that inspire you.

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