Shona Hardie: Street art and social engagement

Saturday 15 May 2021
11am - 12 noon
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Join us for this Yardworks Govan talk, in which Edinburgh-based self-taught illustrator, pyrographer and street artist Shona Hardie explores the power of street art to engage, inspire and connect.  

In this talk Shona will be discussing two street art portraits she painted recently in tribute to very different public figures: Andrew Weatherall, one of the main UK DJs of the acid house movement, and Leith's well-known local legend Arthur Williams, who spent 30 years living on the streets. Shona will also focus on the social engagement elements of street art and the powerful impact that it can have on people in public spaces and on digital platforms whilst often operating outside of the institutional arts worlds. Join us to find out more about the power of street art to inspire and connect with communities all over the world. 

Shona Hardie is an Edinburgh-based self-taught illustrator, pyrographer and street artist. From a very young age, Shona Hardie’s grandmother instilled a love for art by introducing still life set-ups and drawing outside in the surrounding urban landscape of Edinburgh. The designing of chalkboards for bars in the early stages of her career led the artist to branding work and a natural progression towards creating murals. The social and community interaction of making art in outdoor public space further developed her interest in street art and graffiti and an admiration for artists crossing over from fine art to street art and mural practices.

Shona embraced the DIY grassroots culture by teaching herself to use spray paints and became part of a close-knit community of artists on the Scottish festival circuit at events such as Kelburn Garden Party and Knockengorroch. This would become a turning point in her career towards freelance work for the past eight years. Shona’s clients range from commercial work for companies such as Innis & Gunn and Edinburgh International Festival to various creative community outreach projects and workshops.

Shona has taken part in large-scale live art events including Yardworks Festival at SWG3 Glasgow and the Edinburgh Marine Parade Graffiti wall. It is her reactionary work during the pandemic that particularly stood out and became part of a dialogue in the local community and to a very wide audience online.

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