45rpm: Making what you love creating into a career 

Saturday 8 May 2021
11am - 12 noon 

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In this Yardworks Govan talk, world-renowned, Bristol-based artist and designer 45rpm discusses the determination and inspiration that informs his distinguished practice.

Often drawing inspiration from people and other creative disciplines, 45rpm is known for his innovative character designs and blending of humour, illustration and graffiti into and an entertaining self-described style he calls “goofy nonsense”. In this talk, he'll look at the ideas such as the importance of making time to practice, the concept of perseverance, making a routine, sticking with something you love doing, and how to bring creative ideas to life - practices and processes which have allowed him to refine his craft, and to start making money from it. 

45rpm is a world-renowned artist and designer from Bristol who has worked for an eclectic range of clients, from well-known brands such as Nike and Adidas, to small start-ups and individuals. He specialises in not sleeping and drawing till he's told to go to bed, and will work on anything creative that is thrown his way. Most of his days are spent in his studio in the heart of Bristol or working in a million different towns, especially If there is much-loved travelling involved. He has worked around the globe and has been published in numerous books including Thames & Hudson's best-selling Street Sketchbooks. From billboards to planes, there’s not much he hasn't painted...

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