Yard Life Gallery

Nestled in one of the railway arches lining Eastvale Place, the Yard Life Gallery is a space for the graffiti and street art community to display their work. It's a way of offering a new type of wall for these skilled individuals to rest their work on for a while - and, for everyone else, a chance to admire or own it.

Proudly occupying one of SWG3’s archways along Eastvale Place, the Yard Life Gallery is a space for large-scale prints, tiny objects, scrawled illustrations, aerosol masterpieces, and art of all shapes and forms, all designed and created by artists with street art and graffiti roots. Showcasing some of the incredible artists who many will have seen at the Yardworks Festival, this intimate gallery offers these skilled individuals a space to hang their work, and the public a chance to witness the energy and humour and imagination that goes into their outdoor work in one place, all year round. 

Since opening on Thursday 27 May 2021, the space has hosted exhibitions from a glorious introduction to street artists — displaying works by a constellation of emerging and renowned artists, from sign-makers to illustrators, cartoonists to sculptors — to a curated collection of skateboards, to the first solo Scottish show of the incredible Newcastle-based artist Prefab77. 

Many of the Yard Works Gallery works are available to buy through the Yard Life website

Yardworks Festival Prints Collection

For this special-edition exhibition in the lead up to the Yardworks Festival 2022, the Yardworks team have curated a range of highly collectible, unique artworks, created by street artists pushing the boundaries of what they can do. Starting with a collection of limited-edition prints created by artists experimenting with the extremes of print-making practices, the exhibition will evolve to become a salon-style display across a range of mediums, from sculpture to performance-inspired works. Open across the festival, it offers people the chance to take a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art home with them. 

Prefab77: A Slice of Life

The Yardworks team were thrilled to host the first Scottish solo show from renowned Newcastle-based artist Prefab77. Renowned for his large-scale street murals, as well as print and cut art, in A Slice Of Life, he unveiled a series of allegorical portraits: proudly anti-establishment, visually beautiful, and creating a modern fable of gangs, goddesses and groupies...

Deck The Halls

From the mid to late 70s, when Wes Hampton was hand painting skateboards for Dog Town, followed by the mass-produced graphics seen in the 80s with Powell Peralta, and up to the present day — skateboarding and skateboard graphics have had the ability to influence and inspire offering an open door into art appreciation and its freedom of expression both in the artwork and sport itself. With this in mind, and a nod to the season, Yardworks proudly showcased a spectacular collection of newly-created, hand-painted skateboard decks by 34 emerging and world-renowned artists from across the UK.

Welcome To Yard Life

Yard Life Gallery opened its doors with a celebration of street arts, graffiti and the many art forms that find roots in both. Featuring work by a constellation of emerging and renowned artists, from sign-makers to illustrators, cartoonists to sculptors, the gallery was packed to the rafters with a cacophony of prints, paintings, illustrations and sculptures.