Yardworks Govan

Yardworks Govan is a youth and community arts initiative helping young people and members of the Govan community to connect and develop artistic skills and confidence through a variety of street art practice.

In a year peppered with lockdowns and restrictions, Yardworks Govan brought some life, connectivity and colour to young people and other members of the community in Govan. Thanks to funding from Inspiring Scotland and Creative Communities, we were able to deliver a wide range of workshops and activities centred on street art practice and designed to develop artistic skills and confidence. We've had the pleasure of being part of a wealth of community spirit, and teamed up with some brilliant community-led organisations and initiatives.

Creative workshops

A series of new works in response to the global climate crisis
From March to May 2021, carefully navigating the ever-changing lockdown restrictions, we offered a series of community-based online creative workshops and talks led by a rich mix of world-renowned artists - from celebrated Glasgow-based signwriter Ciarán Glöbel to wildly successful Bristol-based artist and designer 45rpm and many more in between.

Some were more practical, encouraging people to experience the joy of hands-on creativity. We made ‘trophy milk cartons’ with Miss U; Tragic O’Hara taught us how to use our favourite music as a springboard for drawing and painting. Others offered inspiring, real-life, invaluable insights: 45rpm shared how he turned his passion into a successful career (it involves perseverance), and Shona Hardie spoke about the power of street art for social engagement.

Crossloan Road mural

A new mural, chosen by the community
In partnership with Elderpark Housing, in 2021 three Yardworks artists introduced a colourful new mural of famous Govanite Sir Alex Ferguson to Crossloan Road. 

Having spoken to local people about what they wanted to see in their neighbourhood, Sir Alex was the most popular choice, and the mural depicts the local legend alongside female wartime munitions workers, and a ray of sunshine. Women played a key role in munitions work at Fairfields, the Clyde’s biggest yard, keeping the war effort alive while men were fighting overseas. 

Painted by Yardworks artists Frank Carty, Mandy Carty and Laura Frood, the mural is actually in two parts — on the other side of the road is a mural designed to depict an old show window, as part of an interactive project in which the local residents suggested Govan-related items for the artists to paint in it. 

“This remarkable mural sums up not just the proud past of Govan but sends an optimistic message about a forward-looking community with a bright future. And if anyone was to be featured as an icon of our community, it would have to be one of our own, Sir Alex Ferguson, whose track record as a football manager is unparalleled. This outstanding artwork which Laura and Frank and Mandy have painted has transformed – as art often does – a shop front into an eye catching addition to the community.

Elderpark Housing Estates Co-ordinator Jim Fraser