In The Yard

There's always someone kicking about the yard with a spraycan. From local elderly residents, to young people affected by homelessness, we've hosted some wildly creative, educational and, we hope, enjoyable workshops, talks and introduction days at the SWG3 complex.

The activities around our complex often involve groups of people who might not have had access to, or much experience of, art. We've had some amazing experiences across the years introducing people to the accessibility of street art and graffiti, as well as its history, and seeing them unlock their creative potential. 

Graffiti Grandparents

An expressive workshop for the older generation
Graffiti Grandparents was exactly what it sounds like: a group of Glasgow pensioners unleashing their inner street artist at this wildly enjoyable street art class led by artist Davey Knox.

The project was part of a new Graffiti Grandparents initiative we led in partnership with Glasgow Housing Association and care provider Wheatley Group, a Livingwell service which helps people live in their own homes for longer. The session was a brilliant day for everyone involved, with Davey taking the group on a mural tour around the venue and opening eyes and minds to the incredible history and heritage of street art across the world. The highlight was, of course, getting the paints out and creating a themed mural in the Galvanizers Yard.

“People have a misconception that graffiti art is just for young people. We need to break down that barrier. It is good to get the message across that it is for everyone and everyone can have a shot at expressing themselves.”
Davey Knox, artist

Addaction workshop

An inspiring day-long introduction to graffiti
We Are With You (formerly Addaction) is a service helping with the many social problems our younger generations are faced with in today’s fact-paced world, including issues with mental health, drugs and alcohol.

In 2018, we invited a group of young men to the SWG3 complex for a one-day introduction to graffiti. None of them had had much experience of art, but they were instantly interested in what we were doing. After a tour of the studio facilities and a bit of an introduction to the long history of street art, artist and designer Gaz Mac led a graffiti demonstration and hands-on workshop, with each person using their initials to create a unique and expressive new artwork.