Studio Residents

Meet the residents: a community of (many) graphic designers, visual artists, illustrators, muralists, copywriters, web designers, photographers, filmmakers and likely any other creative field you can imagine.

Phoebe Willison

I’m a freelance graphic designer, working across print and digital. I work for a range of clients, from big budget corporate ad campaigns, down to branding for start-ups and side businesses, as well as being the designer for The Skinny magazine.

I also work in facilitation and curation, and until recently, ran Design Weans C.I.C., a networking organisation supporting Scottish design students and graduates starting their creative careers, through running workshops, putting on exhibitions, and organising alternative degree shows. Through this, I still run a monthly support group called Lean on Weans, hosted at Glasgow Zine Library.


Josh Geddes

You know Thingmie, right? Hi, my name is Josh, and I’m a Glasgow-based designer. With each project I’m keen to showcase the principal features of your business and provide the simplest solutions to make you memorable. I specialise in branding, website and motion design. I work mostly with start-ups and charities to create their first websites and logos but if you want to be the first corporate giant to hire me then, please, get in contact.


Martin Duff

I’m the Founder & Creative Director of Faith Studio — an independent graphic design consultancy specialising in brand identity and packaging design for start-ups, small businesses and charities. Prior to establishing my own practice, I worked as a designer at some of the leading graphic design studios in Scotland; completing work for clients such as The Glasgow School of Art, Rapscallion Soda, Edinburgh Art Festival and WEST Brewery.


Jamie Burke

I’m a freelance web developer specialising in creative projects, audio streaming, online shops and online exhibitions, with clients including NTS Radio and Elizabeth Peyton.


Molly Hankinson

I’m a freelance visual artist, illustrator and muralist with a socially-engaged approach to my practice. I am particularly interested in the representation and celebration of women and other marginalised genders, through an intersectional lens.


I enjoy any opportunity to scale up my bold and colourful character-driven style within a mural context, but I also enjoy smaller-scale illustration work, including editorial, posters, original prints, merchandise design, or creating original commissioned artwork for bespoke interiors. Clients include The Body Shop, The Global Network of Sex Work Projects, and Tennents Lager.


Robyn Collinge

As a Copywriter and Creative Director, I use words to make people buy, sell, laugh, yell, gasp, think, and — occasionally — drink. I’ve designed escape rooms, edited magazines, and one time I auditioned to play a zombie extra in World War Z. (I didn’t get a callback but I kinda take it as a compliment.) I’m currently in-house at WeTransfer where I’m responsible for all things words and branding (and try my hardest to sneak early-2000s pop lyrics into everything I write). Previous clients include Adidas, Headspace, Brooklyn Brewery, Disney, and JBL.

On the side I teach copywriting workshops, speak at creative events, and have a monthly newsletter called Rest in Progress where I interview great creative minds about ideas that never saw the light of day.


Lewi Quinn

I’m an artist and designer living and working in Glasgow. Currently, I’m mostly focused on painting murals, and art prints and posters which are available online. I create both large- and small-scale works in which harmonious colours are adopted, combining pastels and brights to give coordinated and sympathetic abstract works — with a wee bit of typography flung in.


My murals are inspired by sublime natural beauty around us, which might sound lame but it ISNAE! It’s the sky, clouds, sunsets, architecture, sunsets with clouds, more clouds, the weather — simple pleasures we see daily that ebb and flow and can inspire awe is what inspires my work. They can be found in homes, bars, restaurants and in outdoor public spaces around Scotland. I also work on furniture, homewares and other bespoke artwork commissions.


Fabio Rebelo Paiva

I’m a freelance visual artist and camera guy who focuses on creative storytelling. I have collaborated as a photographer and filmmaker for brands such as Adidas, Le Coq Sportif, Folk London, I-D Mag, Talisker. My non-commercial work involves music videos production, analogue photography printing and independent zine making.


Chelsea Frew

I’m a visual artist living and working in Glasgow. I paint murals big and small, have artwork in galleries and do commercial illustration too. I have a very distinct style, working within the parameters of block colour alongside bold and energetic lines. capturing real life in motion through informed, repetitive sketching. 

I use an iterative illustration process where I seek to transform an original photograph/sketch into one that captures a more energetic and colourful version of real life. I often find a sense of calm during this process, and the end result is usually a snippet into how I see things.


Clients include Sky TV, Caoruun Gin, Harlequin Design, Vans, LuLuLemon, Auchentoshan,Body Shop, Culture Trip, and more. When im not doing this, I work with Cobolt, a mural collective based in Glasgow.