We're proud to host a continuous rotation of exhibitions showing the best in bold, contemporary art. Across our two permanent gallery spaces, we've seen artwork from electronic-music-inspired collage prints, to new photographic works, to a collection of decorated skateboard decks.

If you're interested in hosting an exhibition, please contact [email protected]

Rowan Meredith: Phantom Limb

22 March 2024
Acid Bar Gallery

Sólveig Einarsdóttir: Midgard

24 November 2023
Acid Bar Gallery

The Poetry Club: Est. 2012

26 October 2023
Acid Bar Gallery

.EPOD: Yardworks 2023

5 May 2023
Acid Bar Gallery

Amanda Seibæk: Hemispheres

23 March 2023
Acid Bar Gallery

Scene But Not Heard

11 November 2022
Acid Bar Gallery and Yard Life Gallery

Yardworks Festival: Print Collection

27 May 2022
Yard Life Gallery and Acid Bar Gallery


25 March 2022
Yard Life Gallery

Deck The Halls

1 December 2021
Yard Life Gallery


29 September 2021
Acid Bar Gallery

Welcome To Yard Life

27 May 2021, Yard Life Gallery.


Baldvin Ringsted: Rhythm Distortions

11 March 2020, Acid Bar Gallery.

Natalia Poniatowska: HUMANATURE

5 February 2020, Acid Bar Gallery.

Alan Dimmick: From The Archive - 25 Photographs

4 December 2019, Acid Bar Gallery.

Dan Miller: Ill Met By Moonlight

8 - 30 November 2019, Acid Bar Gallery.

Ruvan Wijesooriya and Joe Henry: LCD Soundsystem

2 October 2019, Acid Bar Gallery.

Gary Rough: Head Girl

29 June 2019, Acid Bar Gallery.

Charlie Anderson: Selected Works

10 May 2019, Acid Bar Gallery.

Stephanie Mann: Field Notes

4 April 2019, Acid Bar Gallery.

Patrick Jameson: New Glasgow

15 November 2018, Acid Bar Gallery.

Grace Woodcock: Flicks and Licks

2 September 2018, Acid Bar Gallery.

Mads Holm: About Common Ground

28 June 2018, Acid Bar Gallery.

Hugo Scott: On The Edge Of Town

20 April 2018, Acid Bar Gallery.