Amanda Seibæk: Hemispheres exhibition launch

Thu 8 Jun 6PM Acid Bar
All ages

Artist and printmaker Amanda Seibæk hosts an intimate launch night for her Hemispheres exhibition in the Acid Bar on Thursday 23 March.

Amanda Seibæk is a Danish artist who works across three different mediums – print, digital, and paint. A graduate of Glasgow School of Art, Seibæk explores a variety of themes through her work and draws inspiration from various different events and concepts – ranging from neuroscience, through to mundane weekend tales told by her friends. 

Nothing is off-limits for Seibæk when it comes to her art, and she aims to never be bound to one particular medium. Instead, she utilises each medium as an important step in her creative process, starting with digital sketches which are then developed into prints, before paint is added to complete the puzzle. 

Her Hemispheres exhibition explores the relationship between a whole, and its parts by focusing in on specific themes. She focuses on the human brain as a central theme, and hones in on the relationships that exist between both hemispheres of the brain. The neural pathways, signals, and connections that are sent from our brain to tell us how to act are likened to pathways, light signals, and connections that shoot across the world's hemispheres. This relationship and likeness is conveyed on to the canvas by Seibæk, in works that manage to appear busy, and chaotic, whilst still maintaining a beautiful air of sparsity and tranquility. 

Another of the main themes explored in the exhibition is the relationship between the earth, and its axis. As the earth rotates around the sun on a tilted axis, a tilt which makes the seasons change, the effect of light on earth as a result of this begins a process of blossom and decay. Seibæk manages to convey the relationship between light and subsequent decay beautifully via the use of bright, streaking flashes of paint, layered on top of a dark and rich bed of colour.

The exhibition launches on Thursday 23 March (6pm-9pm), and runs until Friday 28 April. If you'd like to attend the opening night, please email [email protected] with 'RSVP' in the subject line, letting us know how many will be in your group.

Our Acid Bar is located on the ground floor of the venue with an accessible toilet. In some cases, we will use this as an entrance for events in the Galvanizers, access to the Galvanizers event space from the Acid Bar is via a ramp.