STREETrave presents

PUMP UP THE JAM Exhibition

Tue 4 Oct 2PM Acid Bar
All ages

Take a trip back to 1989 with PUMP UP THE JAM, an immersive exhibition which tells the history and story of a Motherwell based clubbing institution, which would go on to pave the way for Scottish dance music and shape the lives of a generation of ravers. 

STREETrave was born in a town with industrial roots where things only happened if you made them happen. It was a product of casual culture, the evolution of friendships & fashion. The STREETrave events saw clubbers travel from near and far to Ayr Pavillion, Prestwick airport, Ayr Ice Rink, The Tunnel, Fubar, Livingston Forum and Glenrothes Ice Rink to see the DJ’s of the moment and rising underground stars. 

PUMP UP THE JAM will showcase the fashion, stories, artwork and photographs from Scotland’s own Summer of Love.  The exhibition launches at the STREETrave All Dayer event on Saturday 20 August in the Acid Bar Gallery Space and will be open to the public for viewing during Acid Bar opening times until 10th September.

Exhibition opening 
Saturday 20 August from 2pm - midnight (as part of the STREETrave All Dayer)

Acid Bar Gallery opening times 
Monday to Friday from 8.30am - 6pm