Sat 27th Nov 2021 23:00 - Sun 28th Nov 2021 03:00 and @maxhammur are hosting a night at the Poetry Club at SWG3 on Saturday 27th November Playing b2b all night from 11pm till 3am and it’s gonna be a big yin.

This night will be raising money for mental health charity SAMH. Cash on the door only.

It is a legal requirement to show your double vaccination status. Unless you are medically exempt you must show proof of double vaccination in order to enter this event.

How do I get a vaccine passport? A vaccine passport is proof that you have had a double vaccination. You can request this from the NHS through their website. You can either download a PDF to your phone, or get a letter sent to your house. Please bring one of these to the venue, and have them out ready to scan when you are in the queue. 


Sat 27th Nov 2021

Inside Out Classics - Beat 106 Scotland ‘Live Broadcast’

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