Fri 22nd Nov 2019 23:00 - Sat 23rd Nov 2019 03:00

Ascetic Practices w/ Invisible City
22nd November
11pm Doors
The Poetry Club 

"We got a chance to reunite (on the turntables) Invisible City & Milch with our favourite Glasgow resident, Typhoon Lady.

Invisible City barely needs an introduction, record label & record shop based out of Canada. Youtube channel filled with amazing vinyl finds, but most importantly for us, a fantastic dj with records nobody else has. We couldn't pass up on having him play for you.

Milch is genuinely one of our favourite djs here at Ascetic Practices hq, her mix of solid djing and programming skills for a dancefloor, alongside her selections of 80s synthy post punk, wave and uncategorisable music really did strike a chord with us. She also works at Invisible City as a shop team member and IC radio and event programmer. We are honoured to have her play.

Typhoon Lady has been away in Amsterdam and Rotterdam for so long, so it is nice to finally have her back in our clutches here in Scotland again. Collector of weird and wonderful records that have managed to sneak under the radar. Holds popular radio shows on Red Light Radio and Operator Radio.

The residents team for this one, who will be mostly just playing a couple of records at the start until the real heroes decide to step up are Sofia Stergiou. The Nightlark, and Bordello A Parigi's own Donald Dust." 


Fri 22nd Nov 2019

Bongo's Bingo -
Bongo's Bingo

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