Sat 13th Apr 2019 22:00 - Sun 14th Apr 2019 02:00

Step into an audio-visual disco experience as we Transform SWG3 into the Night Club '2001 Odyssey' in the year 1979.🕺

Expect to hear all the tracks from the movie mixed alongside the best Disco sounds ever...!

Stayin' Alive , How Deep Is Your Love , Night Fever , More Than a Woman , If I Can't Have You , A Fifth of Beethoven , More Than a Woman , Manhattan Skyline , Calypso Breakdown , Night on Disco Mountain , Open Sesame , Jive Talkin , You Should Be Dancing , Boogie Shoes , Salsation , K-Jee , Disco Inferno , Dr Disco , Disco Duck.

Tickets On sale 9am Friday 21st December.


We bring Love , Drama and Disco to the dancefloor as we celebrate the greatest Disco Club of All time.

Dress up encouraged - think ...

Glitter, Glitz, flowing dresses, flared trousers, backless halter tops, hot pants, spandex bodywear, catsuits, shiny shirts, pointy extra wide collars, three piece suits, sequins, gold, Bold colors, Platform shoes, Necklaces and medallions.

"Anthony "Tony" Manero is a 19-year-old Italian American from the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. He lives with his parents, grandmother, and younger sister, and works at a dead-end job in a small hardware store. To escape his day-to-day life, Tony goes to 2001 Odyssey, a local disco club, where he is king of the dance floor and receives the admiration and respect he longs for."


Sat 13th Apr 2019

Bongos Bingo -
Bongos Bingo

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