Thu 4th Apr 2019 10:00 - Sat 4th May 2019 18:00

Selected Artists’ Works and SWG3 are delighted to present a collection of new works by Edinburgh-based artist Stephanie Mann [b.1990].

For her first solo show in Glasgow, Mann will be presenting a series of screenprints informed by 'Field Notes', a new text also written by Mann.

'Field Notes' explores an imaginary environment, in which objects and architecture act as condensation points for concepts on which Mann's research is focused. The fiction functions as a memory palace, allowing a more lucid investigation into ideas surrounding symbiosis, transformation, thingliness and perspectives. This exhibition presents a new body of screenprints which imagine sculptural compositions of objects, referenced in the text. Things blend from one form to another, referencing recognisable objects and abstract organic matter, structures and symbols found within the text. The objects balance in this hypothetical space where gravity nods to the familiar but elevates them for further contemplation.

Other work from this series is currently being shown in 'A Room for a Handshake' with Tendency Towards in Aberdeen (April 2019).

Winner of the Andrew Grant Bequest award (2013), John Watson Prize (2013) and RSA John Kinross Travel Scholarship (2013), Mann has exhibited across the UK and Internationally. This has included exhibitions at The Pig Rock Bothy, in The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh, Turf Gallery in London and Glasgow Sculpture Studios. Most recently Mann has exhibited at Salon Gallery, Berlin and SCAN Project Room in London. Mann is currently Artist in Residence with The Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh.

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Thu 4th Apr 2019

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