Thu 14th Dec 2017 20:30 - Fri 15th Dec 2017 02:00

Pleasure Pool

'The image has cracked - the centre cannot hold. In an age of too many backward-looking bands, with corpses in their mouths, Pleasure Pool have arrived. Like lost children, we will live our unfinished adventures, in an evening of reasoned derangement of the senses, resolving the paradoxical duality of the mind-body schism, by making you dance. Hard. If you don't, we don't care. After all, the tears of philistines are the nectar of the Gods.'

Savage Mansion -

'Savage Mansion is the project of Glasgow-based songwriter Angus Jonson, featuring a supporting cast of musicians that includes drummer/hypeman Taylor Stewart, bassist Jamie Dubber and guitaristAndrew Hell.

The group blend the musical influence of Neil Young, Stephen Malkmus, The Replacements and Cate Le Bon and against that sonic backdrop spin tales of millennial melancholy, documenting the post-recession malaise and the generational burden of useless degrees and dead-end jobs.'

Hairband -

'Hairband are a recently formed 5-piece from Glasgow featuring members of some of the best bands around like Breakfast Muff, Rocky Lorelei, The Yawns and Lush Purr so you know its gonna be good! With influences such as Cate Le Bon, Deerhoof, and Goat, Hairband are twisted pop perfection, all jangly melodies and beautiful harmonies. They sing songs about gravity and the moon.'

DJing until late we have 'The Three Gentleman of Verona' (Thom Querns, Conor Coogan and Daniel Cunningham). On what to expect from their set the three gentlemen simply offered this beautiful poem:

'In faire Verona (where we set our dance), 
Three tender minstrels will 
melodies singe, 
And, quaffing fair - merrily,
Perchance - 
Allow thine Armes and legs to fling!

And all the while loosen thy purse,
For charity ye shall imburse…'

Project Elea -

The proceeds will go to supporting the work of Project Elea in Eleonas Refugee Camp in Athens. Their focus is on making everyday life in the camp happier and more humane, providing activities for children and adults as well as essential services like the distribution of food, baby milk and clothing. The project is a pillar of the camp community, making a genuine impact on the lives of men, women and children who are often given little reason to hope for a better future. The generosity and kindness of the residents given their situation is astounding so I hope we can raise a lot of money and improve their lives in some way!

Thanks to Musho for the amazing poster


Fri 15th Dec 2017

King Krule - Worldwide headline tour

King Krule

Worldwide headline tour

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