Ciaran Glöbel: In Other Words

Saturday 17 April 2021
11am - 1pm
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Placards and banners are often used within street art as a creative visual language on the streets; words of encouragement and hope, or as forms of disruption in public space. The coverage and media attention of street art - art in windows in support of the NHS, and protest movements such as School Strike for Climate and Fridays for Future - continues to be enormous both before and during the pandemic.

This 2-hour Yardworks Govan arts workshop is a unique chance to learn about new possibilities and techniques offered in the design of placards by well-known Glasgow-based artist and sign painter Ciaran Glöbel, in which participants will make their very own creative sign or placard based on what's important to them. 

With face-to-face interaction limited during lockdown, we seek to find other ways to communicate with the world around us. In times of isolation and restriction, the creation of artwork keeps our creative minds flowing and signals to those around us that we care. It's with that spirit that this workshop seeks to expand and grow some of the ideas that already exist, working with participants to identify positive messages that are important to them, and looking at how to reproduce them in a visually interesting manner.

Each placard will be unique in shape and colour and will be created at Yardworks SWG3.

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