alternate launch

28.04.17 - 10PM


Rebecca Vasmant & IDA (ACID FLASH) team up to bring a new monthly residency to the poetry club Glasgow / 28th April / Doors - 10pm! 

Joined by...Perseus Traxx

Tickets - https://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?948506

Event page - https://www.facebook.com/events/405002629864644/

Perseus Traxx - Using hardware to make stripped down electronic soul inspired by mid 80's Chicago House, Detroit Techno, and John Carpenter style synth darkness, Perseus Traxx is known primarily for his live shows, believing that soul is all that's needed to make good music, and if you delve deep enough inside, you can find some.

Recording under a range of different names and project titles, including Nite Vision, Orpheus, Sir Leon Greg, Operator Tracey and Vulcano, Nigel Rogers is perhaps best known for his releases as Perseus Traxx. These have come out on labels such as Bunker, Chiwax, M>O>S and BOE Recordings to name but a few. His own label, Future Flash is always released as a single sided 12” with a medieval style wax seal, stamped with the label's logo. 

Nigel's releases are made for vinyl and nod towards the heritage of Chicago and Detroit while maintaining an element of distance; recognising a style without outrightly copying it and trying to be like something else. The sound comes from the limits of the machines used for production. With a keen interest in hardware, he generally makes music with an aim to being able to perform it live, limiting himself to a few effects and rack-mounted synths, as well as his MPC, xoxbox and TR-707. This said, no single show is like the previous, with mixdowns and improvisations constantly changing depending on the atmosphere in the club. Live performances over the last 12 months have included, but are not limited to, The Boiler Room in London, as well as Tresor and About Blank in Berlin, Le Batofar and Machine du Moulin Rogue in Paris, and the Magic Waves Festival in Berlin.

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