kanye, all night long 

25.02.17 - 10PM


Kanye, All Night Long - A Celebration of Yeezy ADDITIONAL DATE at SWG3 TV Studio / 25th February / Doors - 10pm! 

Tickets - http://tickets-scotland.com/acel5

DJ - HomeAlone

For round 2 we bring you a night only playing the best of Pablo himself, Kanye West.

Jesus Walks, Touch the Sky, Drive Slow, Stronger, Love Lockdown, Power, Blood on the Leaves, Otis, Cold, All Day; we're covering it all INCLUDING all the biggest tracks from new record "The Life of Pablo"

We aren't just sticking to the albums though - we're covering productions, samples, features and acts related to the man himself too! Remember Find Your Love by Drake? Stand Up by Ludacris? You Don't Know My Name by Alicia Keys?

Yeezus was involved in them all!


DJ for the night, HomeAlone, has been seen across the UK opening for the likes of Drake, The Weeknd, Anderson Paak, Lily Allan and more. He is also currently resident for student brands Mansion, Milk, Rascals and Vanity. The All Night Long brand has been a huge success in other cities and we're happy to bring it to Glasgow.

There may be No More Parties in L.A but expect one Hell of a Night at SWG3.

Obviously Yeezus won't be at this event - he's busy counting his millions, we're just here for the Pablo themed party!