Woman Expecting Triplets Returning Home from the Cinema

09.11.13 - 05.12.13

For 'Woman expecting triplets returning home from the cinema' Aaron Angell will present six new paintings made in conjunction with the displaying of archival works on paper from Jack Bilbo, many of which have not been seen for around forty years since being saved from the late artist's sinking houseboat.

This show will be the second of the ongoing series Folklore Contemporain exploring how contemporary artists draw their inspiration from legends, popular beliefs, customs and traditions of different cultures to appropriate them and create new myths and new crafts.

AARON ANGELL was born in Kent in 1987, solo exhibitions of his work have been held at Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea, SPACE, London, Croy Nielsen, Berlin, Rob Tufnell, London, and World Class Boxing, Miami. His work is currently included in a major survey of British and Polish art since 1990 at CCA Ujadowski Castle, Warsaw.

Upcoming exhibitions include Studio Voltaire, London. Aaron Angell is represented by Rob Tufnell. He is currently in the process of opening Troy Town Art Pottery, a radical and psychedelic ceramic studio for artists, which is hosted by Open School East.

JACK BILBO (1907-1967) was born Hugo Baruch in Berlin. He took the name Jack Bilbo in 1933. Fleeing from the Nazis, he was forced to flee to France, then Spain, before settling in London in 1936, where, he made and showed work as a self-taught artist. After a brief internment on the Isle of Man (where he became friends with Kurt Schwitters), he returned to London to found the Modern Art Gallery in 1941. As well as his own paintings, he exhibited work by figures like Van Gough, Picasso, and Schwitters alongside that of fellow refugees and young British painters. After the war, the gallery closed and he moved to Weybridge where he created giant primitive figures in cement in the garden of his home - 'Bilbo Bay' (later dynamited by the next occupiers of the house). He moved with his wife to the South of France in the 1950’s and eventually returned to his native Berlin where he died in 1967.

A retrospective exhibition in 1988 at England & Co led to the acquisition by the British Museum of Bilbo’s ink drawings for his book 'Out of My Mind'. A second exhibition, Jack Bilbo & the Moderns: The Modern Art Gallery 1941-48, was also curated by Jane England at England & Co in 1990, when Bilbo’s own works were hung alongside those of some of his artists, re-creating in effect his own gallery. Bilbo’s work was also included in the exhibition Obsessive Visions: Art Outside the Mainstream at England & Co Gallery in 2001.