Shaun O'Donnell

10.12.11 - 23.12.11

'Reversed echoes in the new, new world.'

The +44 141 Gallery is pleased to present 'Reversed echoes in the new, new world.' A series of new paintings and a new sculptural work make up Shaun O’Donnell’s first solo show since graduating from The Glasgow School of Art in 2010.

'Reversed echoes in the new, new world' is as much a critical response to the ever straining social concealment of human animalism as it is formally exciting fiction. O’Donnell attempts to acknowledge ‘aspects of the human psyche that are often overlooked or dismissed as they are deemed socially improper.’ 

The carnal subjects of O’Donnell’s paintings are physically rigid and having been denied eyes and ears with which to reflect on their world, standing as mute pawns in an optically intense sadomasochistic disco complete with garden party furniture. 

Inspired by the work of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley whose fictional worlds sought to expose notions of the greater good, O’Donnell assumes the nervous position of an individual in the face of neo-liberal social policy. This anxiety is manifest as ‘fictional or even theatrical spaces…)(…as I believe it enables the viewer to detach from the world as they know it long enough to logically assess the one that I am presenting.’

'Reversed echoes in the new, new world' offers illusory reflections on a world in which the physical structures of support & their respective fleshy occupants have been engineered to such a degree, that any possibility of living freely among them seems lost. A word in which the word ‘new’ has lost all meaning and sexual identity has become nothing more than a set piece in the ‘late consumerist game.’