08.08.11 - 28.08.11

Since the beginning of time we have been fighting for our survival, this is in theory is a lost cause as we are programmed to self destruct, and also to finish the grate task of moving into the hyper real as a way of transformation into another space. This means that humanism will end as an unsynchronised primal provocation, and will also in the end call forth the end of the feeling of touch, smell, sight, and hearing. All those senses will on the other hand have aided us into the understanding of how to deal with rhythm frequencies and given us the tools to both control them and to make our own. The fact is as we flow along the human programming we are creating rhythms within the complex none structure of the universe, The problem with the self knowing virus is that it will always draw the surrounding environment into its existence and will continue to do so to thrive. This has an actual symbolism in outer space and can only be described as a black hole. The center of ones self has the capability to invert the actual and not only invert but also draw to its attention the full existence of other materials surrounding. This in theory can be the start of a new eco and planetary system that further along the lines can be developed into a fully functional solar system. This in fact goes against the fundamental function of the inverted self but the function alone can create an identity of structures that mixed with intention, can spiral into a system surrounding the self and often take the unselfish part of protecting the self. At the moment this is being reported from such a system developed by an identity that has called forth a multi disciplinary practice to further its survival, while in fact it is programmed to self destruct. The only way of this system to be successful is to understand its function and center its self in order to rhythmatise its senses. The real beauty of this system is that its genetic memory or the self will in the end find another system and thus create a blanket or a genetic structure that will try to take over the cosmic world. And then again the beauty of the cosmic world is that it will keep on evolving as an identity on its own but often will use its energy sources from the activity that appear in the grid system. The fundamental truth and the real source of happening here is expansion but this is buried within every singular cell that exists within a solar system.