Next to Nothing

12.11.11 - 02.12.11

DIY art collective Black Dogs presents the second instalment of their Next to Nothing publication and exhibition, the first outing of which took place in an empty shop unit in Leeds in October this year with contributions from over thirty individuals and collectives. The contributors occupy various positions in relation to the label ‘artist’; raising questions about when something is art, who can make it and what the worth of calling it art is anyway. 

Next to Nothing results from a series of collective meetings and conversations around notions of value. What is the radical potential of thrift and an economical approach? When and why is something cheap? What does it mean to be not-for-profit or operate in a non-capitalist fashion? How do we value our time and how does this find expression through the things we do or make? When are we working and when do we play? 

Projects include: looted shop fronts, sculpture made from cheap materials and consumables, incidental knowledge, unmasked secrets of visual merchandising, a freely assembled and playable Arcade Machine, traces of ‘everyday resistance’ at work, meticulously faked money, things made in sheds, bong poems, burnt books and much more in the way of writing, hand printing, diagrams, photography, objects, music and performance.

The works, discussions and exhibition are documented, extended and unpicked in the Next to Nothing  publication that will be available to browse and take away. Neither the exhibition nor publication are intended as conclusions but, rather, markers of a collective interrogation of how we value our activity and the cost of living.

Next To Nothing opens on Friday 11th November at 7pm. All are welcome and refreshments will be available. There will be an after party (8pm til 12am) featuring performances and music of the live and pre-recorded variety. The exhibition continues until 2nd December.