Against Anti Intellectualism

08.10.11 - 28.10.11

Against Anti-Intellectualism sets out to interrogate the production of knowledge and in doing so, parody what intellectualism has come to mean in a world that is increasingly referred to by some Intellectual individuals as post-post modern.

Andro Semeiko extends a series of comic paintings & painterly blobs as a theatrical Mise-en-scène. The largest of the work findings its form as a triptych that nods to the 18th century work of Giovanni Battista Piranesi and winks to the architectural nuances of SWG3 while pointing a jocular finger at pan historical, chauvinistic attitudes toward technology and culture.

After using the gallery as a film studio environment, Calum Stirling offers a semblance of plywood flats which allude to French interior design from the 1920's. Working with Barry Burns & Ewan Hunter, Stirling has directed a new artist video for two characters, set and props filmed during install. This features alongside various new and incidental works that stem from the artists research pursuits in Pochoir illustration technique, Technicolor stage design and the absurd super yachts of the art collecting elite to name but a few.

A limited edition of 100 copies of July 4th, 2011: For Derek Raymond and Grant Morrison, With Love and Admiration and in the Staunchest Hopes That Their August Spirits Shall Never Once More Again Perish from the Face of This, Our

Greenest, Bluest Earth, a diagnostic new book by Jarett Kobek will be available from the gallery during the exhibition.