04.12.10 - 18.12.10

+44 141 Gallery is pleased to present new works by Stina Wirfelt (b. 1980) supported by Arts Trust Scotland. 

Stina Wirfelt employs moving image and photography to translate the everyday physical landscapes of the spaces we inhabit, simultaneously using the narrative and conceptual abilities of the mediums to do so. Subjects often appear as chanced but poignant experiences of what Marc Auge terms the ‘non-place’; partition walls that appear and disappear as if by magic, in Tame Time, 2010, or the seeming repetitive appearance of houses on a street, Every Building On Henrik Menanders Väg, 2007, Wirfelt’s works investigate the language of the urban environment and the images which present it. 

Spatial Instance, presents a continuation of the artist’s ongoing interest in the systems, structures and standards that define our physical perceptions. Wirfelt has responded to the gallery setting by creating an installation in three parts, describing spatial dimensions of the immediate and dislocated space. Using a system as absolute as that of the Imperial Unit and a number as archaic as 100, the works underline the arbitrary nature of any such system. The implausible act of trying to pull a measuring tape of 100ft at the same speed as a Bolex camera exposes 100 ft of film, the blinking standardised image of colour bars inverted from its usual denotion of a lack of image, define the slippage and intangibilities of these principles.

Wirfelt constructs a relationship between multiple localities through the  representation of a lost traffic cone in one location which is utilised to mark out a space in another, a void within the gallery space. Wirfelt uses these installations and in turn the gallery to signify presumption of space or image, dependent on the assumptions of a dimension, the exhibition therefore illustrates a construction dependent on another (given) construction.

Wirfelt graduated from Malmö Art Academy in 2007. She took part in LUX Associate Artist Program 2008-9 and was Artist in Residence at Headlands Centre for the Arts in California during spring 2010. She was recently commissioned by the CCA to create new work for Walls of Light, a project commemorating the handover of the Commonwealth Games from Dehli to Glasgow. Other recent group exhibitions include Hello World at Embassy Gallery and Invisible Square at Transmission Gallery.