Our TV

22.05.10 - 12.06.10

Welcome to ourtv, a television channel dedicated to showing artists’ films. This three-week programme is brought to you in conjunction with +44141 Gallery and is a proposal for broadcast.  The films in this series were chosen for their challenge to the language of television, perceptions, reading, advertising and the influence of the underground.

ourtv’s Website http://ourtv.net16.net/

ourtv is a Manuela Gernedel and Morag Keil project. Morag Keil and Manuela Gernedel studied at Glasgow School of Art took part in 84 paintings with Fiona Mackay at Wiels, Brussels (2009) and have just launched ourtv at Lothringer 13 Staedtische Kunsthalle, Munich (2009) as well as hosting a 21st Century event at Chisenhale Gallery London (2010), they were both involved in the Concrete Gallery website and exhibition at Wilkinson London (2009) and Panorama (2004) at the Jail, Glasgow.  Morag has also recently made an online publication for XYM.no (2009) and has exhibited in Frankfurt at the Caribic and Neue Alte Brucke.  Manuela showed work in Mermaids vs. Unicorns at i20 Gallery, NYC, and Purpeling at Gimpel Fils, London in 2009.