Unstable Object

15.08.09 - 23.08.09

When the artist Ani Baronian discovered a drawing, made by her brother and herself as children, underneath a coffee table acquired when her Grandmother had died, it created a moment of delight and surprise. This uncertainty between the ‘everyday’ and the surrealism and theatricality of happenstance is a recurring theme in Baronian’s objects. The artworks are a series of drawings on painted canvas and found objects depicting fictional scenarios set in domestic spaces. Here, the physical object and the image of the object are at play, for example an upturned table and dinner place setting is arranged as if a ‘scene in a play’, describing an action that had once taken place, where the drawing is incongruously revealed on the underside of the tabletop. Contemplating the characteristics of herself as an ‘anxious’ child, and its effect on the language of domestic objects. The artwork becomes a means to rehearse the psychological dramas being played out in the artist’s mind. Objects are used to plan (through drawing) and stage (through installation) the fictional acts of the artist, and therefore orienteer the viewer’s interaction with, and psychological response to, the object. 

In conclusion, the exhibition ‘Unstable Objects’ allows one to question the fundamental nature of how we come to ‘know’ the physical world. The artworks challenge us to retrace the origins of our emotional lives, and reconnect us to the most primal of physical and psychological states. Through the conceit that we learn and understand by play, or more acutely ‘act out’, the de-stabling strategies of the artists to redefine (Hughes), reconfigure (Stocker), remake (de Main) and rehearse (Baronian) the object confound the corporeal and intellectual experience. The body’s fundamental connections with ‘things’ as receptors or resistors to knowledge become central to these artworks, and their being. In so doing, these artworks mediate metaphorical dialogues between you (the viewer) and the artists, in which each artist invites you to ask a question, and let the guessing games begin.