Sometimes it makes me wonder what I fought for

12.09.09 - 20.09.09

'Sometimes it makes me wonder what I fought for'

- Katri Walker

Jimmy Redpath was a Blackwatch paratrooper towards the tail end of the Second World War and has lived in Partick for over 50 years.  He has no teeth and goes to the same café almost every day for breakfast, often dressed in his paratroopers blazer and beret, or sometimes in camouflage.  He orders the same thing every time; scrambled eggs and a cup of coffee with 7 sugars, as he recollects events from his life.

I met with Jimmy regularly, either in the café or at his home, over a period of 4 months throughout summer 2008.  During this time I became his tea-drinking companion and his friend.  I listened to and recorded his many stories and ruminations, challenging right wing opinions, his sad memories, his jokes and regrets.  And when he wasn’t talking, I recorded the silence. This work seeks to create a harsh yet poetic portrait of one man’s existence.