Baldvin Ringsted - Low Growl

16.04.10 - 03.05.10

Baldvin Ringsted - Low Growl

As part of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Arts 2010, +44 141 Gallery, is proud to present new work from Icelandic-born, Glasgow based artist Baldvin Ringsted. 

Ringsted frequently draws upon his training in jazz theory and experience as a rock and experimental musician, exploring the relationships of musical suggestion to contemporary culture, myth and ritual. Low Growl draws allegories between a supposed wild, untameable power of music, in particular Rock and Black Metal, and staid dedication of musical and artistic practise producing works that deal with the rigidity of genre and stylisation within art and music.

Resonance and degrade are transferred from the aural to the process in works such as Divebomb Series, mimicking the paint finishes of typical metal electric guitar and employing their audio effects. Randy Rhoads Polkadot Fadeout is an interchangeable homage to an icon and a movement, referencing minimalist sculpture and the polkadot guitar of a legendary classically trained metal guitarist. (Rhoads played for Ozzy Osborne in the 1980’s until his unfortunate ‘rockstar’ death in a plane crash in 1982) 

Low Growl, appropriates video footage of a series of male singers practicing a neanderthalic growl, expect in a contemporary instance this previously primal communication has become both a camp expression and a confined cliché.

Ringsted studied as a musician F.Í.H. School of music, Iceland before training as a visual artist in Finland, Iceland and subsequently graduating from MFA, Glasgow School of Art in 2007. Previous exhibitions include ‘The Raw and The Uncooked’ with Hrafnhildur Halldorsdottir, Intermedia, Glasgow 2009,  ‘Jahresgaben’ Kunstverein, Arnsberg, 2008 and ‘Mi contra Fa’ Glasgow cathedral, for GI 2008.