Station to Estancias

25.04.09 - 03.05.09

‘Stations to Estancias’ is influenced by Vanessa’s travels through Australia, Chile and Argentina last year, specifically to experience life around the world of horses.  Station is the name given to a cattle/horse ranch in Australia and Estancia is the name given in South America.  

Vanessa’s inspiration for her work was primarily the different breeds of horses compared to those we have here in the UK.  One of these breeds is called the Paint Horse.   For it’s name and the coloured patchwork of this horses coat Vanessa instantly found a bold subject to be put on to canvas. 

Whilst working with the horsemen of these ranches and experiencing the daily life of mustering up cattle and horses on horseback Vanessa was also greatly influenced by the wide-open spaces, big skies, the rich colours of the terrain and the bold shadows that were cast by the strong sunlight.