Nothing Ever Happens Here


04.10.08 - 05.10.08

We want use the Studio Warehouse gallery as the stage for a simulation of the aftermath of a car crash.  We would black out the whole gallery with the only lighting coming from the colliding cars headlamps and backlights.  The lights would focus on specific details, injured bodies, trails of blood, broken glass, debris etc.  Viewers would have a multi-sensual experience as they walk around the scene, looking at bodies in the limited lighting, smelling petrol, engine oil and blood, all in a deathly silence only broken with the occasional crack of someone stepping on splintered glass.  

Such events are readily consumed as dramatic stunts in movies and spectacles in newspapers.  The lines between the real and the fictional become blurred and as a consequence we often fail to comprehend the emotive complexity of the events we consume.  By recreating such an indefinite event from didactic sources, reality itself becomes re-appropriated, transformed and questioned.