Far Removed

10.01.09 - 18.01.09

“Looking behind the scenes of real life” - Far Removed

"The studio on Eastvale Place (SWG3), home of Will Holt and Jonny Shaw’s new exhibition Far Removed, replaces the hustle and bustle of city life with a post-industrial site. On entering the exhibition space, Shaw’s large sculptural piece, a floor-to-ceiling construction, dominates. It appears to be a confusion of different woods, but with a wall of red PVC - striking a contrast between perfection and imperfection. Far Removed brings different strands of Holt and Shaw’s work to form their narrative.

Shaw has taken inspiration from the distorted architectural work of Gaudi, while Holt fuses his background in fine art with later work in theatre design, evident in his video piece of two actors running lines out of sync - reflecting the script as a starting point for creative thought.

After the success of this exhibition, Holt and Shaw are planning to work together in the future. What it contains and where it will be housed is equally exciting.” - The Herald