24.05.08 - 01.06.08

The last weeks in May will see the Studio Warehouse play host to two simultaneous exhibitions, with the inauguration on a new project space on the second floor of the SWG3 complex. 

The new ‘SWG3 Studios’ space, which will accommodate a series of events over the summer months, opens with a group show exploring humour, revulsion and the uncanny through sculpture, collaborative performance and drawings, from the ‘spastic twitch’ of Field’s kinetic works, the grotesque humour of McNeill’s drawings, to the self-deprecating performances of Cattanach and Ruane.

The ground floor +44 141 Gallery will act as the arena as four emerging Glasgow based artists allow their works to do battle for supremacy. As Abad’s degenerative sculptures, Dordoy’s composted paintings, Szmukler’s constructions and the totalitarian assemblages of McCulloch invade the other’s space, creating oscillations in meaning and the destabilisation of the status quo.