A Moveable Feast

07.02.09 - 15.02.09

"Outside the warehouse I could hear muffled music, which always makes me a little excited when entering a show I know nothing about. Emerging from the dark corridor into the large exhibition space I saw the room was dotted with various artists' work: sculpture, video art, painting, sketches. TLC's Creep is the music I heard from outside and was coming from a television in the centre of the room. I decided to leave this piece till last as I was hoping I'd like it the most.

In the meantime I took a look around the rest of the pieces. Stand out works included Manuela Gernedel's Horse No. 3; a black, abstract sculpture of a small horse lying down. With no description of the artist's work or biography, I was at a loss to find anything else to say about it other than that aesthetically, I liked it. In a small room off the main space there was another video piece playing, another of Manuela Gerdenel's, entitled Dinner. Her work was overshadowed, however, by the pounding beats of the TLC and so I was unable to hear the conversation of the dinner guests tucking into their fish course. Slightly disappointed, I swiftly left this piece to see what all the noise was about. The television on the floor of the main room showed a group of three lacklustre dancers against a white background performing a routine to the mid-nineties hip hop classic. This work, entitled Keep it on the Down Low by Rhianna Turnbull, was witty in its deadpan execution but not as much fun as I'd hoped. The show had a few memorable pieces but all that comes into my head thinking back on it is Creep playing over and over." - Suzanne Neilson