The Local


11.04.08 - 27.04.08

The concept of [The Local] questions what constitutes art and public space, the functional elements of the bar are artworks, the possibilities; from conversations, meetings, chance encounters, social activity and simply connecting people is the art. [The Local] will make us think about the way we connect with audiences? Contemporary galleries operating with public funding are public spaces. Art in a gallery space (generally indoors) is seen as something prized, never touched; only to be looked at and carefully considered by those in the know, while art for the ‘public’ – ‘Public Art’, is generally seen as something sited outside in an attempt to be more accessible with some sort of purpose. In my opinion, such classifications have created divided cultural experiences no longer relevant in contemporary practice but yet to be addressed by the decision makers. [The Local] presents a way of creating an even playing field, encouraging shared experiences with audiences, a space to exchange ideas and inspire critical debate. [The Local] will be open to the public with events target marketed within the local community as well as national and international routes.