31.08.07 - 14.09.07

Stockade represents the first Solo show to be held at SWG3 Gallery and takes its title from a series of new sculptural works. The Stockade series comprises of manipulated architectural models, where rigorous process is underpinned by ideas of defence, isolation and captivity. Stockade represents Miller’s first solo show in Glasgow. He will present a new series of two-dimensional and sculptural works, produced during his residence at SWG3.

Miller’s practice calculatedly manipulates designs and tailors aspects of theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Mechanical and architectural two-dimensional works are often interceded with a variety of collaged references, bringing into question notions of scale and appropriation. This, in turn, forms the basis of sculptural interventions and installations.

Through drawing, sculpture and installation, Miller produces works that examine ideas of reproductive process and failure by drawing from a range of appropriated imagery and found objects. Historical fascination and rigorous process are combined with an investigation into the underlying surface tensions of material.