Sprezzatura Maze


07.12.07 - 21.12.07

The Sprezzatura Maze exhibition is an exciting and ambitious project taken on by Louise, Rebecca and Christina. They have communicated and curated their exhibition with local Scottish artists alongside artists from Europe, North America and Australia. 

The Glasgow-based curating partnership known as The Good Wives and Warriors (Louise Chappell and Becky Bolton) have collaborated with Christina Corfield to take on the never-ending challenge of reaching a wider audience in the forthcoming show, Sprezzatura Maze. The former Comme des Garcons guerilla store, Glasgow's Studio Warehouse, hosts this substantial group show, opening in December to unveil a lattice of work from both local and international artists. The ambition of this project is striking: within the extensive list of persons involved is a number of well-established artists from France and Canada who are exhibiting in Scotland for the first time, most notably the collective known as Shoboshobo. Using lo-fi materials like markers and biro, Shoboshobo work diligently to create their infamous, fantastical landscapes featuring many weird and wonderful characters. The curatorial concept behind the show is clear-cut: all artists participating have a practice rooted within drawing. Louise and Becky's work as well as Thom War's and Shoboshobo's manifest as large-scale wall drawings, working a site-specific concern into the show. The sheer variety of mediums and methodologies employed by the exhibiting artists within the supposedly narrow field of drawing should render this show interesting, perhaps indeed challenging to our preconceptions.


Daniel Bell, Thomas Bernard, Rupert Burton, Christina Corfield, Jonas Delaborde, Vanessa Dziub, Goodwives Warriors, Alexa Hare, Hendrick Hegray, Mehdi Hercberg, Zane Kozak, Arnaud Loumeau, Jan Lun Lee, Matt Lock, Paulina Makela, Jamie McNeil, Holly McCulloch, Dylan Martoreu, Allyson Mellberg, Laurent Plessiet, Stephanie Prignent, Luke Ramsay, Brian Ross, Pernilla Rozenberg, Shobo Shobo, Nick Smith, Sumi Ink Club, Paul Alexander Thornton, Thom Whar, Pio Abad